Strolling on Stanley Bridge, Alexandria

Taking a walk on Stanley Bridge, Alexandria is a must. Although it is a relatively new bridge, built a decade or so ago so not part of the historic architecture of the city, it is still considered a landmark.

Stanley Bridge has four towers, modeled to compliment the Islamic design of the royal palace in Montaza. Many fishermen line up on the bridge, patiently waiting for their catch of the day. In the evenings, many brides and grooms take their wedding photographs on the iconic bridge.

The bridge was built to enlarge the corniche since a narrow two-way road was causing too much traffic in the area. Below the bridge is Stanley Bay, a beach with cabins. Instead of destroying this popular beach, the then governor of Alexandria decided it was best to create a 400-meter bridge out on the Mediterranean sea. The two towers on the side of the sea have a small opening that looks out onto the water below.

There is an underpass for pedestrians near Stanley Bridge, so it is safe to cross to the other side. On the other side, there are several coffee shops and restaurants, including a Costa coffee shop and a McDonald’s, where you can sit and enjoy a panoramic view of the bridge.

Stanley Bridge is an important development to the Alexandrian seafront, creating an easier flow of traffic and smoothly connecting commuters to the other side of Alexandria. But Stanley Bridge is not just a convenience for commuters, it’s also a beautiful landmark offering many recreational activities that Egyptians are quite fond of.

Stanley Bridge,

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