Sandstorm Hits Cairo

A little later than expected, the yearly sandstorm finally hit Cairo yesterday. With gale force, winds threatening to rip apart my windows, and visibility poor, I, what some would call bravely, ventured outside to capture what Egyptians call the Khamaseen. It is expected to last for three more days. Below, a man covers his face with a scarf as he walks and move through the sandstorm. Litter spirals in the background. Leaves hang on for dear life.

People aren’t dressed as heavily as one would expect in such weather – freezing winds that make your hands feel numb.

Visibility is quite poor, the sandstorm covering buildings in the background.

Students have no choice but to venture out in the sandstorm.

For an hour or two this afternoon, Cairo turns an orangey-red as the storm reaches its peak.

Some find this weather a little exciting, something new to experience.

Cairo turns red for the afternoon but thankfully does not last long.

A family wearing hats to keep the cold from numbing their heads and ears.

Many are dressed up in warm jackets. But I would definitely have worn socks in this weather. Since this only happens once early in the year, we can tolerate it, but hope for rain after the storm.

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