How Egyptians Celebrate

The mood at the Presidential Palace before the military announcement was festive. Vendors sold tea and even rented out plastic chairs to those who wanted to protest whilst sitting. Those who didn’t want to sit on chairs sat on the sidewalk whilst waving the Egyptian flag. People sipped tea that was sold every few yards while behind them loomed the Presidential Palace where young people pointed their green lasers. Every sort of Egyptian was present; Christians, Muslims, women who wore the hijab, women who wore the niqab — they didn’t necessarily support the president because they practiced these religious symbols — they were at the Presidential Palace demanding his ouster.

During the announcement, the crowds hushed, and then it started. An explosion of cheers, cries, and chants. Although many are skeptical over the military’s position over what Egyptians are calling the second revolution, Egyptians don’t really care about these opinions. Right now they are celebrating 1) the fact that they faced their fears and defied intimidation tactics, especially after 30+ years of submission, 2) in turn millions turned out to protest against the regime 3) which led to the will of the people changing politics in Egypt yet again.

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