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TOP QUESTION: Why did you move to Egypt?

I have loved Egypt since I was a little child, visiting every year or so since both my parents are from Egypt. I loved and still love the buzz, the whole city exuding life, the friendly people, their sense of humor, the incredible places one can visit, the heritage and history of the land, and most importantly, the sunshine. Seriously.

Also, my hijab has never been an issue in Egypt. I am not stereotyped the first moment someone looks at me as I am in England. I am not seen as a threat, or as ‘the Other’.

When a stranger is rude to me in Egypt I know it’s not because of my religion, but because of something else, some reason I can cope with. In England, I couldn’t cope with someone discriminating against me because of the piece of fabric on my head that represented a religion quite misunderstood.

What does your name ‘Londoneya’ mean?

When I used to visit Egypt as a young girl, my relatives used to call me ‘el (the) Londoneya’, so when I started blogging I thought this would be a perfect title. It’s basically a half-English (London) half-Egyptian-Arabic (eya) word describing where I am from.

Are all the photographs in your posts taken by you?

My camera and I are inseparable, so yes, all the photographs you’ll find in posts are taken by yours truly. I will rarely post a photograph that wasn’t taken by me, but if it happens that I do, I will give credit where it’s due.

Why do you have different signatures on your photographs? Are they all yours?

I’ve been blogging on Londoneya for almost three years, so over time, my digital signature has changed. You’ll find either a plain ‘Londoneya‘ signature, an ‘LY’ signature, or more recently, the Londoneya.com signature. Some photos don’t have any signatures.

When and where did you start blogging?

I started blogging a few months before I moved to Egypt, in 2010. I started Londoneya on blogger with a free template.

Congrats on the new design and blog! When did you move to your new blog?

Thanks! I officially moved in June 2013.

What happened to all the comments on your old blog? Can’t I find a comment I posted on your old blog?

I was using the Disqus comment system on blogger and sadly discovered that I could not convert them to my new blog. Probably a good lesson to stick with the native comment system. I will be adding the comments manually in the future.

Is it safe to visit/move to Egypt?

Because the political situation in Egypt is not stable, the best advice I can give is to contact your embassy in Egypt for advice.

What’s the situation like in Egypt? Is it still tense and difficult to go about daily life?

As of 2014, it is as safe as it can be; Egyptians are a resilient people and everyone is going about their daily lives. Malls are packed with shoppers and supermarkets, restaurants and cafes are filled with customers. Egyptians are very social and love going out, especially during the cooler evenings, so the curfew felt quite restrictive. When terrible acts of violence happen, it’s in isolated places. Rioting can be happening in one district while people in another district go about their daily lives as normal.