Fancy a French Baguette for Lunch? Brioche Doree in Egypt

I love French pieces of bread stuffed with delicious fillings, buttery croissants, and fresh orange juice. Who doesn’t? Which is why I couldn’t pass Brioche Doree in Egypt without having a bite at Downtown Mall in New Cairo. I was happy that the second largest French Bakery/Cafe chain in the world had faith to open its doors in Egypt, what with the political situation. And I enjoyed the experience so much, when I spotted Brioche Doree at City Stars in Nasr City, I had to feign tiredness to sit down and have a memorable bite.

My usual is the Le Rustique Thon, 42.95 EGP, which is tuna mayo with boiled eggs, tomatoes, tiny pickles and lettuce in a traditional Rustique bread. The filling is gorgeous, the mayo making the sandwich juicy, while the other elements add a crunchy dimension. The only problem I had, however, was the toughness of the bread. It almost felt stale, my mouth and gums taking a battering while trying to chew the pieces gracefully. The bread has the same stale, tough texture at both Downtown Mall and City Stars.

When I commented on the toughness of the bread, I was told that the traditional Rustique bread is supposed to be that tough. Ouch, someone actually wants to eat hard, stale bread? They must have a strong set of teeth and very strong gums! But I was given a very helpful tip from one of the waiters: I could ask for the traditional French baguette for my Tuna mayo filling instead. The French baguette is exactly what I used to have for breakfast in Paris; it’s crunchy on the outside and soft once you tear into the sandwich.

While the service at Downtown Mall was quite relaxed– we were left waiting for a long time before someone came to take our order and our check for example– at City Stars the waiters stop by every five minutes to see how you are enjoying your meal. I think Brioche Doree’s service needs to meet the middle ground: not have waiters leaving customers waiting for twenty minutes, nor having waiters incessantly hovering over customers and asking them how the food is every five minutes.

That said, Brioche Doree’s ambiance and the food is a perfect place to interrupt your shopping trip and have an early lunch.

Brioche Doree
City Stars, Nasr City – in front of Starbucks.  Opening hours: 10 am – midnight. 
Downtown Mall New Cairo; 8 am – 1 am. 

Also in Zamalek, 21 Mohamed Mazhar Street; 6th October, Tivoli Dome Zayed; and Dandy Mall on the Alexandria Desert Road. 

Brioche Doree’s Menu

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