A Sweet Gift & Bite-Sized Cinnamon Pancakes

When my Canadian friend arrived in Egypt this month she came bearing a sweet gift: Maple Syrup! This is by far the sweetest gift I have ever received from another country. Now that I had an imported Canadian trademark in my hands there was only one thing to do: make pancakes. And because I absolutely love cinnamon, I usually make cinnamon pancakes. Here’s my favorite recipe.

Although I have made pancakes many times before, I felt like browsing around on the Internet for a different recipe approach. That’s how I came across a delicious food blog and was sold just by looking at the incredible photographs. Before I usually used white sugar for my pancake mixture, but this recipe uses brown sugar. The brown sugar, along with the cinnamon, gives the mixture a lovely caramelized look.

But the thing is, I love my pancakes bite-sized. Just popping them into your mouth like you would with chocolate is so much more fun. I also love having my pancake with scrambled eggs; the different tastes and textures make a delicious marriage that my family and I can’t do without.

With the smell of cinnamon pancakes wafting in the kitchen, memories of my childhood bubble to the surface like the batter in the pan in front of me. I remember Pancake Day; the children programmes on the television would mark the occasion with a song and a bite. I still remember one of the songs, which just goes to shows how repetitive they were. Back then we used to make pancakes with a lemon and sugar topping for breakfast on the weekends. We’d tuck into the soft papery-like pancakes with the delicious realization that we didn’t have to get ready to go to school; we had a whole two days of pure bliss.

This recipe uses what looks like a delicious cinnamon roll glaze topping, but because I wanted a much more savory breakfast, I topped up my pancakes with a cube of butter and a generous drizzle of the famous Maple Syrup starring the lead role. It just goes to show that being flexible can make you experience (and taste) new things; I didn’t stick to my much-loved-and-used recipe but went on the hunt for something new.

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