If you had mentioned the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park to me a few years ago, I would have given you a blank stare.

To say that my first visit to Regent’s Park was when I was a few days old is not an exaggeration. I have been visiting with my family since I was a baby. So I assumed I knew Regent’s Park well.

I did not.

Thanks to Instagram, I discovered a hidden part to Regent’s Park – hidden to me that is. Until one day in autumn a flood of photographs appeared on my feed from different Instagrammers, many tagged with the location, “Regent’s Park”.

I was dumbfounded. These pictures showed a tree-lined path adorned with rich autumn leaves ready to make a dramatic fall. The earth below them had already been blanketed in a carpet of orange. Where was this place? And why had it taken me so long to find out about it?

After a few days of looking through pictures on Instagram I finally found the place; the Avenue Gardens in Regent’s Park. I set off immediately thereafter, determined to discover another part to Regent’s Park.

Much to my surprise, the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park is only a short walk from Queen Mary’s Gardens (also a part of Regent’s Park). Beautifully designed, the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park has narrow paths with tall evergreen hedges on either side, tiered fountains, ornamental bowls, flower beds and a gazebo.

The Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park puts on a gorgeous autumnal display, with various hues of brown igniting the eyes.

Pretty benches line up the paths around the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park.

The tall hedges and trees create a pleasant barrier from the park, creating the sense that this is a private garden.

Fun fact, in the ITV drama Mr. Selfridge, Agnes and Henri are filmed taking an evening stroll on the path pictured above.

I think my favourite thing about the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park is how picturesque it looks during autumn. I visited in mid-October, just before the final leaves fell.

There are also some stunning views of the architecture of the area overlooking the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park. I love how grand the building pictured above is.












TIP: There are plenty of parking spaces on Chester Road if you’re visiting the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park by car. Just outside the park’s entrance on Chester road is a zebra crossing and the entrance to The Broadwalk, where a pretty building offers coffee and hot drinks with a few benches outside.

On the other side of the zebra crossing from the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park is The Broadwalk. This is also part of Regent’s Park, with a long stretch of path and greenery on either side.

TIP: A little over a half a mile, it is possible to walk from the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park to London Zoo by walking on this path. It would typically take 11 minutes according to Google Maps.

So where is the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park? I have marked the area with a circle and an arrow pointing to it below:

Sadly, during the grey winter months, the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park loses all its colour and glory. I visited in mid-November and was shocked to see the stark contrast.

That’s why I can’t wait to see it in the springtime when it’s restored to its former glory. But I definitely recommend a visit to the Avenue Gardens Regent’s Park in October when the leaves start to change colour and fall.

The Avenue Gardens
Regent’s Park


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