Syrian relatives, both distant and close, have lived in Ismailia Square since the early 1900s, so it was no surprise to discover a Syrian fast food restaurant under the arches of the beautifully designed square in Heliopolis. Escaping the conflict in Syria, the owners of Shamy Food started a new chapter in their lives by getting in touch with a Syrian relative of theirs who owns the store and turned it into a successful business. I’m glad they did. Their chicken is delicious.


Syrian Restaurant in CairoShamy Food is composed of two floors, downstairs for ordering and upstairs for those who want to eat-in. One of my favourite dishes is the Chicken Tawook, 32 EGP, which is marinated and grilled perfectly. It’s served on a bed of a thin crepe-like bread with a side portion of rice, fries and a serving of garlic mayonnaise.  I have to say, Syrians know how to make delicious chicken. Sadly, I’m not a big fan of the humus at Shamy Food; I think the Lebanese restaurants I’ve visited know how to perfect it best.


There are also various chicken and meat dishes– either fried, oven baked or grilled– sandwiches and savoury crepes. The friendly service and affordable prices makes everyone I know visit whenever they’re in the area. Including myself.

Shamy Food
45 Othman Ibn Affan St.
Ismaileya Square, Heliopolis, Cairo


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