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Cairo’s Best Views: Where to go to see Cairo’s Landmarks for Free

My visits to one of Cairo’s best views from the Moqattam Cliff at 250 meters above sea level have been great, apart from one tiny little detail. I mean, when you want a clear skyline to admire a city’s landmarks but haze and pollution gets in the way, it’s quite normal to feel a little dispirited, isn’t it?

But even on a hazy day, you can still manage to spot quite a few of Cairo’s landmarks from Moqattam. It actually becomes like a game, trying to spot famous landmarks, from the infamous pyramids to Cairo’s Citadel. 

Where to Find Cairo’s Best Views: Mokattam

Where to Find Cairo’s Best Views: Mokattam

Cairo, the city of ancient monuments and the longest river in the world sparkling under year-round sunshine. But there’s much more to Cairo than its ancient past. There’s also sprawling views of the city to admire, providing a much-needed retreat from the bustling commotion of 9 million residents. One of Cairo’s best views can be found in the suburb of Mokattam, a residential area roughly 250 meters above sea level at its peak. 

My Favourite Route to Walk by the Thames

As soon as I exit the train station and walk towards the Thames, I am hit with a deep sense of peace. Like when a compass clears the way for a lost traveler. I don’t know why I don’t visit on a weekly basis so I can revisit the feelings of elation I get when I stand on a bridge overlooking the city’s many icons, but I am glad I have this post to remind me of why I should walk by the Thames more often. I usually start my walk by the Thames when I exit Westminster station on the jubilee line. I usually cross over the bridge to get to the other side where the London Eye stands and walk until I can’t walk any more. But lately, every time I plan to visit the Thames I exit a station further away from Big Ben. On this walk I had exited from…